Charter Projects

Charter Projects are those projects whose charter is approved by the OHT Board of Stewards, and whose scope is intended to fulfill the technical goal of Open Health Tools. Charter Projects cover the life cycle of EHRs in the broadest sense including development of standards, architectures, documentation and training, legacy systems etc. Information, including source code, project descriptions, blogs and forums for each project can be access from the project repository home page.

These projects are developed under the terms of a Project Charter that has been approved by the OHT Board of Stewards; they operate under commercial quality IP and business controls, and are actively supported by OHT staff. In addition, they must conform to the Software Development Process and Policy.

The technical goal of Open Health Tools is to assemble and/or develop a comprehensive harmonized tool suite to enable the definition, development and deployment of interoperable Electronic Health Records. The complexity of both modern IT platforms and the healthcare domain means that first class tools are an absolute necessity.

The Architecture Council has developed several documents that govern the principles and vision of the Charter Projects. These include:

  1. The Architecture Working Principles
  2. The Architecture Guiding Principles
  3. The Architecture Vision
  4. The Standards Vision
  5. The Tooling Architecture Vision