CONNECT Project Management Committee (PMC)

The OHT-CONNECT Project is an open software development project, which aims to unify efforts underway across the country that are based on or extend the CONNECT software solution.  CONNECT was initially developed by federal agencies to support their health-related missions and has served as a baseline reference platform for numerous open source projects subsequently.  Using nationally-recognized interoperability standards, CONNECT has been used and will continue to be used to enable health information exchange within an organization, connect an organization to a network of similarly enabled organizations that leverage the CONNECT software.

The OHT-CONNECT Project will provide the community setting to unify these ongoing efforts into a single  implementation that continues to the expanding health information interoperability needs of the entire community by bringing together contributors and on a voluntary basis incrementally increasing the utility of the code set to better serve the common needs of the community.

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This community is managed by a Project Management Committee (PMC) made up of contributors that meet regularly to coordinate releases and related asset management tasks. 

PMC Meeting log