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Softarex Technologies Announces Collaboration in the Healthcare Technology Industry Softarex Technologies becomes a member of Open Health Tools

Softarex Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that they have become a member of the Open Health Tools (OHT) community in May 2014. Open Health Tools is an open source community of software developers that designs and develops open standards based technology that meets interoperability requirements for early adopters. With this membership we are able to successfully participate in developing open source software for the community.

“We are proud to be a part of the Open Health Tools community, which combines major health providers from different countries and regions, health professionals, health standards organizations, vendors, as well as open source developers,” said Sergei Dubograev, Vice President of Softarex Technologies Inc. “It’s a great opportunity to share and implement all the profound experience our team has gained in years of developing software for the healthcare industry. We are excited to focus together with other OHT open source developers on developing Health Information Platforms of frameworks, exemplary tools and reference applications that make it easy and cost effective to build and deploy software in today’s connected and unconnected world.”

One of the main goals of Open Health Tools is to combine open standards programs, open source development, multiple cooperating vendors and major health consumers into successful software technology deliverables.

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