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Stewards listed the greatest benefits associated with OHT membership as:

  • Shared development infrastructure and tools, allowing members to contribute on a higher order value
  • Ability to network
  • Ability to share ideas and improve solutions
  • Access to smart people who understand open source
  • Improved access to open source projects and technology
  • Ability to obtain new ideas

In return for paying membership dues, our members would like the following:

  • Seat on the OHT Board of Stewards
  • Voting privileges on project reviews, membership participation, and Bylaws
  • Ability to participate in OHT projects, workgroups, and Councils
  • Logo placement on OHT website
  • Ability to use OHT logo and name in press releases (with OHT permission)
  • Discounts for OHT-related conferences
  • Direct access to the OHT Leadership
  • Access to CollabNet
  • Ability to sponsor OHT events with attribution