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At the May 2011 Open Health Tools Board Meeting, a unanimous vote established a new tiered-membership and dues structure. Led by OHT members, the Contribution Model Committee created a model based on input from the OHT members. It was agreed that members may pay up to five years in advance.

Membership Payment Structure:

Organization Classification Suggested Minimum Annual Voluntary Dues
Individual Membership $50.00
Organization of 1 – 5 employees $200.00
Organization of 6 – 50 employees $1500.00
Organization of 51 – 500 employees $5000.00
Organization of 501 – 2,500 employees $7500.00
Organization of >2,500 employees $10,000.00
Lifetime Benefactor of any size $50,000.00+
Strategic Member Negotiable

Please ensure that you provide us with the name and address for the person/department responsible for processing the invoice.