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It's quite simple. We do have a formal process for OHT membership. It is designed to have low barriers of entry, but it is also to assure all members execute the same agreements and therefore all are governed by the same rules.

The Membership Process:

  1. Please fill out the Membership Application.
  2. Please sign the Membership Agreement.
  3. Please sign the Logo Agreement.
  4. Please scan the documents above and fax them to 01-828-707-9508.
  5. We will countersign the logo agreement and return it to you.
  6. We will process your application. If there are any questions, we will get back to you. We will have to put a vote to the Board, either at the next meeting of the Board, or through a special vote, so this process may take a month or two. Feel free to contact membership to enquire as to the status of your application.