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iOpen Master Person Data Management NetGen Software AIP

iOpenMPDM platform provides a complete set of master index development capabilities for creating enterprise healthcare master person data hubs and solutions to manage healthcare master person information, and to produce a single version of the truth for such information.

iOpenMPDM is the next generation of the Mural Master Data Management open source, continuously updated, enhanced, developed and supported by the open source community. It is built specifically for the development of person-centric master data management platforms and solutions. The goal of publishing iOpenMPDM open source to the open source community is to expose this technology to a wider audience in the development community and to facilitate its innovation through collaboration among its members. iOpenMPDM is essentially the Mural 2.0 community edition that brings the Sun Microsystems Mural open source Master Data Management products up to date. Mural 2.0 open source community is hosted on