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What is CONNECT?


CONNECT can be used to:

  • Set up a health information exchange within an organization
  • Tie a health information exchange into a regional network of health information exchanges
  • Tie an exchange into the Nationwide Health Information Network

CONNECT is an open source software solution that supports health information exchange – both locally and at the national level. CONNECT uses Nationwide Health Information Network standards and governance to make sure that health information exchanges are compatible with other exchanges being set up throughout the country.

This software solution was initially developed by federal agencies to support their health-related missions, but it is now available to all organizations and can be used to help set up health information exchanges and share data using nationally-recognized interoperability standards.

By advancing the adoption of interoperable health IT systems and health information exchanges, the country will better be able to achieve the goal of making sure all citizens have electronic health records by 2014. Health data will be able to follow a patient across the street or across the country.

The CONNECT Solution


Three primary elements make up the CONNECT solution:

  • The Core Services Gateway provides the ability to locate patients at other organizations, request and receive documents associated with the patient, and record these transactions for subsequent auditing by patients and others. Other features include mechanisms for authenticating network participants, formulating and evaluating authorizations for the release of medical information, and honoring consumer preferences for sharing their information. The Nationwide Health Information Network Interface specifications are implemented within this component.
  • The Enterprise Service Components provide default implementations of many critical enterprise components required to support electronic health information exchange, including a Master Patient Index (MPI), XDS.b Document Registry and Repository, Authorization Policy Engine, Consumer Preferences Manager, HIPAA-compliant Audit Log and others. Implementers of CONNECT are free to adopt the components or use their own existing software for these purposes.
  • The Universal Client Framework contains a set of applications that can be adapted to quickly create an edge system, and be used as a reference system, and/or can be used as a test and demonstration system for the gateway solution. This makes it possible to innovate on top of the existing CONNECT platform.