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Academic Outreach Project Oracle Approved in Principle (Nov. 2007)

The Academic Outreach Project is an open software research and development project modeled on a similar outreach activities at the Eclipse Foundation. The Project encapsulates three related activity streams, each of which is based on, or uses the OHT Platform and/or Open Health Tools:

  1. student research projects and other exploratory investigations ("Research Stream")
  2. development of educational materials, teaching aids, and courseware ("Education Stream")
  3. incubation of small-scale, innovative platform and tools projects ("Incubators Stream")

(The project itself may be found here)


The US Challenge was introduced in 2010 by Open Health Tools (OHT), Academic Outreach Project, Transformations at the Edge (TATE), and American Academy of Family Physicians National Research Network (AAFP NRN) to supplement workforce training efforts by the US government in support of the US Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN). These US government efforts include grants to create the HIT Regional Extension Centers for supporting implementation and workforce training within provider organizations. Additionally, the US government has initiated grants to community colleges and universities for the academic training of students who plan to enter the workforce.

The OHT Academic Outreach Project hopes to support all national HIT initiatives with Academic Challenges. The Academic Challenges operate under the belief that student success in completing the Challenge activities demonstrates to the HIT community an independent measure of achievement of the skills necessary for each nation's initiatives. Each year, the OHT Academic Outreach Project selects a theme illustrated with a series of “use cases” for the Challenges that certainly apply locally, and may apply internationally.

For more information regarding Academic Challenges, please visit the project wiki to learn more.